30 mars, 2006

90 square feet TV for sale with one-room apartment!

Search engine Sesam bought my MSN

Well I didn't get rich on my new one-2-one marketing experiment but it got some interesting attention. I put my MSN personal picture up for action at eBay. Read recent article here. The new and up-and-coming search engine Sesam.no showed interest and won the bid after a very hot last bid round. I am now lending out my picture space to Sesam for the rest of the year. I am actually happy to be associated with this company because there services are pretty good! Google might just get some real competition here ! Go Sesam! (picture by eirikso.com)

The little things

Se større Recently in Stockholm speaking at a telco conference. Living at the Sheraton Hotel I discovered something smart. You know how these hotel rooms often have a safe were you can stuff your laptop or mobile phone when out discovering ? One problem is that you often want to have these gadgets on charging while out. These guys solved it by putting a power outlet inside the safe! Genius! Like I said , its all about the small things!

25 mars, 2006

Ola, Gunnar and mykle on ski weekend at Hemsedal

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The ski bums and the scenery!

16 mars, 2006

Word on the net

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Google recently bought Writely. I checked it out and its a rather good idea! Basically its your ordinary word processor program but available in your browser. The good thing is that it uses minimal resources from your computer and don't use up all your disk space just for the program. You can also save your documents on the net so you can easy access them from any computer. And as the website says: Can I ... upload from Word? YES! Can I ... save to my desktop? YES! Can I ... publish on the web? YES! Can I ... post on my blog? YES! Unfortunately Google have betafied it for the time being meaning that they dont allow any more users to register for the moment. Wonder if Microsoft and Word will get some tuff competition her?

07 mars, 2006

Make money on your MSN !

I had this great idea today ! I am selling my MSN personal picture on ebay! Great one-to-one advertising or what !? Check out the auction on ebay here ! Love youre comments on this !

05 mars, 2006

Need a place to stay?

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mykle is putting his much beloved home for the last eight years on the marked. Growing up -and moving out! These walls have seen a lot fun and enjoyment over the years and can now be yours to live within. More info - click here !

04 mars, 2006

Marius serving Peach Canei in egg glasses at Trysil

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