28 september, 2005

Blog from above!

Wireless in the sky, wireless in the sky! This blog is been published 30.000 feet above sea level ! SAS is one of the first airlines to offer wireless high-speed-internet on their flights. At about 30 euros you can surf as much as you like. On my way to Tokyo and this I got to try! Not only have I published these pictures and words but also successfully made a Skype voice-call to my friend Christoffer in Oslo. He even put on his webcam and beamed it up. It worked! The world is going somewhere! If only I had installed Counter Strike on my laptop before I left! If this plane is hijacked you know were to read about it first :)

Going to Japan!

mykle is going to Tokyo today on a studietour with collegues from Swedish and Danish broadcasters. The goal is to studie how japanise media companies uses new technology like mobile phones to reach a broader audience. Follow the findings on our joint blog at http://studieturjapan.blogspot.com

16 september, 2005

Home made brew

Se større
The guys in Rubberduck Media Lab can do more than make technology for streaming TV to mobiles. Here inviting us to taste their home made office beer! Tasted shit and not even sure its alcahole in it! Good try though!

09 september, 2005

The 2005 fishing bonanza...

..is under way this weekend! The first, biggest and the most will be celebreated! Paal here ready for the big one! Se all the pictures (and the fish)here!

The Telecrapper

Got problems with annoying telemarketers on your home phone line? Her is really creative way of making their life miserable! It's called telecrapping. Some technical skills are needed but result is a laugh! Telecrapper 2000 record a series of short audio files and activate the Telecrapper. It will answer your phone with one of the files. Each time it senses silence for a given time from the caller it plays another file. This can lead to some fantastic virtual conversations with telemarketers. My good college Eirik Solheim picked this article up form the net and it’s worth a read. You can also hear examples of funny conversations between a salesman and the Telecrapper. More at erikso.com..