29 oktober, 2005

mykle at Nordic Music Awards

16 oktober, 2005

NRK makes one of the world’s largest Media Center services

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has just released it’s comprehensive service for media center PCs. First out is Windows Media Center Edition. The service makes NRK’s vast archive of content on the net available from a GUI that is tailored for use on a TV with navigation through a remote. Read more at eirikso.com

08 oktober, 2005

How to make Champagne of cheap white wine!

Bernt and Bjarne(mykle) have made Champagne of cheap white wine using a SodaStreamer! Read more and se the step-by-step video at champagneblog.blogspot.com

06 oktober, 2005

See the Tokyo pictures!

See the just uploaded pictures with comments from the nordic broadcasters studietour to japan. Click here ! Read more indept on the tours findings at this location. (Only in scandinavian)

04 oktober, 2005

QRIO the robot!

Seen Sony’s new robot today! Maybe the most impressive contraption I have seen in a long time. QRIO can really keep his balance something his predecessors didn't do so well. He can dance, speak, play sports and even know were to charge his batteries. But do he know how to iron my shirts - I wonder? Se this mobile video of the little guy!

02 oktober, 2005

Lost in Translation?

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Tokyo by night as seen from my hotel room.