30 august, 2005

African Safari 2005

Adventure of a life time! Deep in the African savanas of Zimbawe and Botswana. Flying small aeroplanes and driving around in Land Cruisers seeing all the wild animals. Giraffs, lions, leopards, kudus, hippos, elephants and more. Se the amazing pictures from our African Expedition this summer!
mykle gets an Diploma in sabring Champagne on Mauritius! See more and learn how on the Champagne blog !

Relaxing days on Mauritius

Beach view from Legends Hotel

08 august, 2005

Nice place - bad connection

Finally here! Great hotel, blue water and nice weather! Should have showed you som pitures but with no GPRS roaming I cant upload to my blog with my phone. Give you somethinge to look at later. Here is a link to the hotel we are staying at ; Legends . See you later !

05 august, 2005

Great start - plane busted!

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Had to abort takeoff from Gardermoen as the planes pitot-tube was busted. I think it messures the planes air speed or something! It's the little thing in the midle of the pic. So now we are waiting for a repleacement plane to take us to Frankfurt were we board Air Mauritius. Hope we make it!

04 august, 2005

Finally vaction !

Yes! Three weeks of adventure for me and Tine! Flying tomorrow to Mauritius for 10 days of recreation. After that 10 days on safari in Botswana! Next posts on this blog will hopefully be some delightfull pictures posted by my cameraphone from Africa :)

U2 in Oslo

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Bono came for a visit ! Tine and I went rocking with 40.000 others in Oslo 27th of July. Great concert - great guys !

02 august, 2005


Game on dude! Picture of Christoffer , great guy and gamer! Check his BF2 stats below !